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[eBook] One meal at a time: Flavors to Savor

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One meal at a time: Flavors to Savor

A discovery of food, recipes and memories around the world

Self-publish Date: January 21, 2024

Are you an aspiring chef or foodie?

This book is dedicated to:

Mom - who infused cooking into our lives, one meal at a time ...

Thank you for your unconditional love.
Cooking is your way of showering us with affection every day.

An attempt to capture some of our memories together. 

And thank you to the amazing folks who brought the joy of food and travel in my life.

Everywhere I travel from the Americas to Europe and Asia, I am amazed how food can bring people together. I love the synergy of similarities and differences melt when we share a meal together.

Food is the only love language that speaks to all equally and transcends borders and boundaries. Whether you are a foodie or an aspirational chef, find your heart and soul with food.

It’s the best kept secret in life. We will cherish each memory with awe.

If you are wondering why should I read this book: (or why did I write this book)

  • I fell in love with the idea and the power of food.
  • As a foodie and aspiring chef, my happy place is in the kitchen.
  • Inspired by the flavors during my travels, I am capturing the world of food and recipes from my lens.

-- Book Preview --

PART I:         

Chapter 1:  Sweets mi amor       

Chapter 2:  Drinks          

Chapter 3: Spices and Herbs          

PART II:      

Chapter 4: Breakfast

Chapter 5: Lunch and Dinner 

Chapter 6: Appetizers 

PART III:          

Chapter 7: Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 8: Seafood    

Chapter 9: Mindful Eating

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eBook - One meal at a time: Flavors to Savor

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[eBook] One meal at a time: Flavors to Savor

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