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[Audiobook] Fearless - Be the Authentic Leader you will Follow

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Self publish Date: Nov 21, 2022

This audiobook is a reflection on my first-time experience as a leader over 10+ years.

I aspire to be Fearless and an authentic leader who cares about my team and will always be there. 

Authentic leadership, to me, means being your own true self. We are all human and need to respect and care for each other at all times. 

If you are wondering why should I read this book: (or why did I write this book)

- Leadership is a privilege. Don’t take it for granted. We are blessed to have this opportunity in a lifetime to lead teams. Make it count.

- We are not born leaders – we learn what we like and don’t like as we go. I am fortunate for the many authentic leaders in my life and the few who taught me that I never want to be like them.

- There are many books on leadership, but very few become a guiding light. I read books on leadership, habits and mindfulness and found my true north amidst them all.

- I want to define success on my own terms, challenge the status quo and be the leader I will follow. 

Join me in uncovering the biggest strength in each other and being the rock when our team need us the most.

We are unstoppable!

Book Preview


PART I: Inspire

Chapter 1: Authentic Moment of Trust

Chapter 2: Leadership is a Privilege

Chapter 3: Every Day is a New Day

PART II: Influence

Chapter 4: Focus on What Matters

Chapter 5: Creativity and Flow

Chapter 6: Mindset. Unconscious Bias.

PART III: Impact

Chapter 7: Meaningful Work. Equanimity.

Chapter 8: Belonging. People-First.

Chapter 9: Power of Self-Discipline


Mindfulness At Work

The Power Of One


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[Audiobook] Fearless - Be the Authentic Leader you will Follow, Narrated by author, Div Manickam

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[Audiobook] Fearless - Be the Authentic Leader you will Follow

0 ratings
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