[Audiobook] A Broken Teacup - Filling the Cracks with Mindfulness, Essentialism and Self-care

Div Manickam
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Self publish Date: Nov 7, 2022

This audiobook is a reflection on how I went from always positive and optimistic to non-stop worry, stress and anxiety, and then how I was able to turn a leaf and bring mindfulness, essentialism, and self-care into my life to focus on what really matters.

I embarked on a journey to uncover the root cause of stress and anxiety and explore a road less traveled for my pursuit of happiness.

  • I was diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) in Feb 2020.
  • Trust me, this journey is the best one you will embark in your life.
  • This sense of freedom from the shackles of our mind is liberating.

Once we face our fears and inner voice, then the harmony lies within all of us. We can spread pure joy and happiness and just be. One day at a time.  

  • While I am fortunate for the support, I wish I had known sooner that it’s OK to be not OK. This ebook is my promise to help folks around the world.
  • This ebook is my journey navigating the unknown and embracing uncertainty. With mindfulness, essentialism and self-care, I am healing my mind, body and soul.

Always remember, we are enough. We are right where we need to be.

Book Preview

  • PART I: An Emotional Journey
  • PART II: Dive Deep Into The Soul
  • PART III: Letting Go
  • Part IV: Mindfulness Everywhere
  • Part V: A New Narrative
  • Conclusion: Pursuit of Happiness

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Audiobook - A Broken Teacup, Narrated by author, Div Manickam

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[Audiobook] A Broken Teacup - Filling the Cracks with Mindfulness, Essentialism and Self-care

0 ratings
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