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[eBook] A Book is Born: Guide to Self-publishing

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Self-publish Date: July 21, 2022

Are you looking to write your first book and not sure where to start? And doing all the small tasks at home or work but sitting down to write and commit to self-publish the book.

Join me on a journey through the world of writing and self-publishing. Let’s get started on the steps - how I went from writing barely 100 words in 2016 to self-publishing a book of 150+ pages in 2021. And continue to self-publish books and share my experiences with the world.

Step 1: Book Structure
Step 2: Define your Why, Milestones, Goals and Timelines
Step 3: Curate the Themes and Topics for each Section
Step 4: Edit like Every Word Counts
Step 5: Collect References for Bibliography
Step 6: Design the Book Cover
Step 7: Find a Community to Self-publish
Step 8: Share the Excitement with the World
Step 9: Define Success on your own Terms

-- Book Preview --

PART I: Inspire
Chapter 1: Start Small
Chapter 2: Find Your Voice
Chapter 3: A New Day

PART II: Influence
Chapter 4: Focus on What Matters
Chapter 5: Different Strokes
Chapter 6: Spray the Colors

PART III: Impact
Chapter 7: Your First eBook
Chapter 8: The Power of Community
Chapter 9: Redefine Success

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eBook - A Book is Born - Guide to Self-publishing

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[eBook] A Book is Born: Guide to Self-publishing

0 ratings
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